Secure 24/7 Lock Down in Comfort and Style

Welcome to Custom Chastity.

Male chastity is one of the most intense and life changing choices a couple or man can make to truly enhance their sex life plus many parts of their life will improve beyond your wildest dreams.

We offer chastity devices that are design for 24/7 secure wear

If you crave male chastity and orgasm denial, but you don't have a key holder we offer virtual key holder chastity service.

Dont Forget that we have two different blogs - from the Keyholder and from the Man in Chastity .

What is available from Custom Chastity

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All items made and Sold by Custom Chastity are design for comfortable longterm use.

We have a variety off the shelf
interchangeable chastity devices and also we provide custom-made devices.

You may wish to
design your own style of Chastity

Remember all devices are shipped for free.
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Intrigued by chastity but missing a keyholder or simply between key holders?

We provide a variety of of
different levels of Key holder services. Tell us what you are looking for to enjoy your chastity lifestyle.

Virtual key holder chastity service.
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How to measure yourself to ensure you order the best comfortable fitting device

We provide 3 different size
base ring (for a small fee) that is made from metal and not plastic to help ensure that you get the right fit.
Want to Ask a question -to the Keyholder and to the man in chastity